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I'm a Wedding photographer based in Denmark and Thailand. I travel around the world to capture romantic, fun, adventurous and emotional weddings and at the same time trying to do it with a sustainable approach.

Life is... to explore the off the beaten path, enjoying a Caramel Macchiato on whole milk, even though I'm lactose intolerant, shamelessly binge-watching Netflix series, getting lost in a new country with my incredible boyfriend or annoyingly waking him up in the middle of the night, because we have to go out and watch the night sky.


The essense of the things I love also include; cake eating, learning new random things, dogs, reading inspirational stories by succesful people, online workshops, sushi + thaifood, the occasional yogasession, scroll through Pinterest to find  inspiration for our next travels and other good things such as researching top 5 dining spots on Iceland or top 5 unknown locations on Island(if they even still exists).


My name is Monja and I'm a destination wedding photographer with a huge passion for photography especially wedding photography, because the day offers so many of the elements, that are my absolute favourite to capture; love, intimacy, raw emotions and a whole lot of joy. I can without a doubt say that photography has opened my eyes and changed the way I see the world. I see the beauty in everything; the perfect as well as the imperfect.

I've since I was young been curious about photography, the nature and everything whimsical. In my early teenage years I captured snapshots of events, birthdays, travels and friends. Finally, in my late teenage years I decided to take my passion to new heights, which now allows me to work as a Wedding Photographer and Content Creator today.


Bryllupskjole, bryllup retrobil, naturlige billeder, Aarhus bryllupsfotograf


We're fortunate to get to travel around the world as part of our job and we couldn't feel luckier. Every time we travel, we've tried to find a way to do it in the most environmental friendly way. Which leads us to a decision to change our personal and business approach, to take the ''Leave No Trace Behind'' to the next level in being more conscious about our choices and our impact on this world. This has lead us to make our business more wholesome and eco-friendly. The world is such a wonderful place and it needs protection not only for the sake of us but for the sake of all living things that inhabits this planet with us. Taking action is the only way to combat this. From now on, every time we're flown out or have to use any sort of transportation as part of our lovely and incredible job, we're offsetting our CO2 emission for ALL our trips, weather it be by car, by sea or by flight we'll each time calculate our CO2 emissions and offsetting it by doing the following EACH time: 

1. planting the amount of trees + 2 extra trees to offset our CO2 emissions for all travels big or small. 2. donating parts of our profits in helping protecting our jungles and forests. Why jungles and forests you may ask? Our wildlife and jungles needs protection from becoming farmland or i.e. palm oil plantations. Our world needs biodiversity to be balanced and most of the diverse animal life are inhabitants of these jungles and forests. We need countless of species of trees to help soak in the carbon we as individuals and businesses emit.  3. rewetting drained peatland. Drained peatland lead to release of high amount of CO2. Rewetting the peatlands effectively stops the emissions. Deforestation is our biggest threat to climate change and despite these small changes in our approach of way are small for now, we want to know that the way we're doing things is sustainable. When booking us as your wedding photographer and/or videographer you can therefore know that we'll be doing our part to not leave our (carbon) footprint behind. While we're hoping for a cleaner way to travel in the future, we're still hoping to take action.


In the details

In the details

It makes me happy to create a beautiful collection of memories, that really shows the character of your day and love. I am a creative, and first and foremost an adventurous photographer. My style is a mix between whimsical, moving and magical. I love a soft palette, natural light and happy faces. I love natural movement. Nothing too posy and I've got a great eye for aesthetics and beautiful details.

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